Jharia Mla Purnima Niraj Singh Biography, husband, politics career

Purnima Niraj Singh Biography

Today you will learn about some important interesting things related to the life of Purnima Niraj Singh, a member of the MLA Legislative Assembly of Jharia, which is often seen by him in some interviews. It is said that everyone is sent on earth for one purpose only, no matter where he is, there must be some big purpose of coming to this earth. He does not even know for a moment, but a time comes when you come to know the purpose of coming on this earth, then you accept it in any situation.

Purnima Niraj Singh Biography

And they are ready to go to any extent to fulfill it. Our former deputy mayor of Dhanbad and leader of Congress, who never took interest in politics, is the favorite of all of us who stand in the hour of difficulty, who is not among us today. Niraj Singh ji’s wife Purnima Niraj Singh never thought that she would have to enter politics. Talks did arise in the family, but Purnima Neeraj Singh did not want to come into politics, she was very happy with her normal life.

The name before marriage was Purnima Singh, after getting married, her husband Niraj Singh’s surname was associated with Purnima Singh ji forever. So Purnima Niraj Singh ji was born in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Purnima Singh ji has spent most of the time with her grandfather and studies have probably been done under her supervision.

Purnima Niraj Singh birth, family, education

Purnima Singh (Purnima Niraj Singh) was born on 21 November 1985 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh state. His grandfather was an IPS officer, Purnima Singh has spent almost his life with his grandfather, his studies were written under his shadow. Did not live much with parents, Purnima Neeraj Singh ji has studied in different schools of Uttar Pradesh, till class 12, Purnima Neeraj Singh had to change school about 12 times in her studies, if seen from an average. That is, if an average is seen, then he changed the school for every single class of education, after all, the reason behind doing this may be that his grandfather used to transfer frequently.

Then after that, the board exam was settled in Lucknow, Purnima Singh gave it from Lucknow, it only focused on studies and not how to come first in class. One should just keep getting knowledge, should keep getting to learn something new, Purnima used to think that Niraj Singh ji then went to Delhi for further studies.

How did Purnima Niraj Singh ji enter politics?

Purnima Niraj Singh Biography

Had Niraj Singh ji been alive, then perhaps Purnima Niraj Singh ji would never have come into politics, nor was he ever fond of joining politics. He also said in many interviews that whoever wants to do politics, I do not have to do it, but circumstances and compulsions force everyone to do that. So something similar happened with Purnima Neeraj Singh ji that due to circumstances and compulsions, he had to enter politics. The reason was that after the murder of her husband Niraj Singh ji, she decided to enter politics and in a way it was also a right decision.

Purnima Neeraj Singh’s husband Niraj Singh was accused of killing Niraj Singh’s cousin Sanjeev Singh ji, who is a former MLA of Jharia, BJP leader, who is currently in jail. In the 2019 assembly elections, the self was elected from the Congress seat of Jharia. Niraj Singh ji’s wife Purnima Niraj Singh ji enters the field. And on the other hand, Ragini Singh, wife of Sanjeev Singh, the cousin of Niraj Singh, who is in jail, both of them belong to the same family. So in the 2019 assembly elections, Mr. Niraj Singh ji’s wife Purnima Niraj Singh ji only wins.

Before the election, Purnima Neeraj Singh ji tried to help in every way by visiting people’s homes, and even after the elections, he is helping more people than that. Purnima Niraj Singh ji is completing the work which was not being done for many decades earlier, during the lockdown, Purnima Niraj Singh went home and sent ration to those people whose financial condition was very bad.

Due to many such workers not going to work during the lock down, everyday life was getting affected. But Purnima Neeraj Singh ji used to deliver ration in every locality either by himself or through his people.

During the lock down, the Dal Bhaat program was started by Purnima Neeraj Singh ji in many settlements with the help of the Chief Minister.

During the lock down, Purnima Neeraj Singh himself went to many localities and took stock of the situation there and tried his best to help in every way, and in many settlements would also arrange food for the children and feed the children with their own hands. It was also served.

Purnima Niraj Singh Biography

Even today, if there is a need of any kind, then Purnima Neeraj Singh himself or his people provide immediate help to him. In this lock down, many more such people came forward to help who were worthy of helping others, and tried to help in every possible way.

If a big accident has happened in someone’s house, then the mountain of sorrow has broken, then Purnima Niraj Singh ji used to reach first, and console him.

Jharia Congress leader Deputy Mayor Niraj Singh murder case

On 21 March 2017 around 7 pm, Jharia Congress leader Niraj Singh was going to his house in Raghukul which is in Saraidhela in his four wheeler vehicle. Niraj Singh ji was sitting next to the front seat driver, when his car reached near the steel gate, a speed breaker was made there. And when their car slows down near the speed breaker, some criminals already ambushed come on two bikes and surround their car.

After encircling the car, without wasting much time and before this, one of the companions of Neeraj Singh ji sitting in the car could understand something. The criminal who came by bike immediately surrounds the car and indiscriminately rains bullets from all sides. He had a 9 mm pistol, there were some other weapons, at least 100 rounds of bullets are fired, according to the report, after that there was a stir from side to side. In this firing, including Congress leader Niraj Singh ji, his driver, his driver, assistant and bodyguard Mila, 4 people died on the spot.

When the post-mortem of Niraj Singh’s body was done, about 17 bullets were removed from his body, and there were about 67 holes in his body. Out of which some bullets had passed through the body of Niraj Singh ji, after that, according to intelligence, some shooters were also arrested from different places with the help of Up police and remanded to Dhanbad police.

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